August 28, 2008


arini ponteng class pagi.. :(
x bangun sebenarnye...dah la sejuk2 tido best je..tambah ujan plak lg...
lagi ar mls aku nk g class...huhuhu..
act, bkn tu sbbnye...
sbb nye aku x g class pg ni sbb alarm aku x bunyi..
bley x aku set alarm tp hphone aku sbnrnye on silent mode..
handphone ni kalo silent mode mmg slow betol bunyi alarm die..
tone plak jd mendayu2 je..bkn mcm lagu 4 minutes yg aku slalu jdkan alarm tone aku..
lg la membuai2 aku tido...hehehe
siJANTUNGHATI called pukul 8.50 n marah sbb aku x g class...

BF: Yang, u buat pe ni?? u x g class kan?? suare baru bgn tido nih...

GF: pukul brape skg?? (dlm nada mamai)

BF: 8.50 dah.. ape nih...x g class pg lagi...i nak u blaja la...

bla bla bla...kne bebel...hahahaha..padan muke aku..! BF BF BF... marah ari2 pon aku ttp syg ko!


the BF ask me to do this...

1) What is our relationship?
~ its hard to describe it... u r my fact the best! im yours...always yours... days or night, rainy or sunny. theres no one outside there would replace u. you're my lover. we're getting enganged next year.

2) How n where did we meet?
~ we're in da club named DV8, dancing, and then i met alip at another table.. u r alip's friend. u was introduced to me as Rain is it baby?? hahaha..kinda shocked actually... but after that, we exchange the phone number...after that, we went to KARI KEPALA IKAN JALAN YAP KWAN SENG. hehehe...thats how we met sayanggg...

3) What's my middle name?
~ ur middle name same like my first name...NOOR... love it!

4) How long have u known me?
~ its been like a year...

5) Tell me one good thing about myself.
~ u r very very loving person..when i dun have any money, u gave me 50 bucks. when im very angry, u shut ur mouth up n let me cool down. when im sad, u'll feel sad too... u're who u're when u with me.

6) When u first saw me, what is ur first impression?
~ Ok gak la mamat ni... =)

7) How old i am?
~ u r 21 years + 4 month young... not old. =)

8) When is my birthday?
~ 10 Mei 1987

9) Do i cross your mind at least one time a day?
~ nope...not one time a day... one time a second!

10) What is my favourite singer at the moment?
~ Amy Search forever...

11) Do I have any siblings?
~ yes... an older brother and older sister. u're the younger!!! i hate it when ur mom always "manja2" kan u! mcm baby je... ;)

12) What colour are my eyes?
~ dark brown...

13) If I was an ice cream flavor, which would I be and why?
~ I want you to be a chocolate + mint Ice Cream.... coz i really love that flavour baby... give me one plss...

14) What's one of my most favorite things to do?
~ lepak kat Cik Pah! sket2 cik pah, sket2 cik pah...adeh... FYI, Cik Pah tu satu kedai makan yg BF slalu lepak dgn kawan2 die...sampai aku pon dah terikot2..itulah tmpt meeting 'kami' beramai2 selain Awwal & Rahmaniah...

15) Do you remember one of the first things I said to you?
~ Hye... (is it counted?)

16) Name 3 things I love.
~ ur mom, me, and your valuable things (i-pod nano, ur car, handphone, laptop, hi-fi, and all those stuffs in ur room) its so many to mention here. and plus!!!!! u love beer darling.. oopppsss! terlebih sudaa...

17) Describe me in 3 words.
~ crazy! garang! manja!

18) How would you describe me to someone?
~ macam td tu la... my BF ni kan sgt garang ok... he'll marah me when i did somethg bad even it is a small thing. but i think it is good for me to be a better women. besides, die ni gile jugak kadang2...susah nak predict what he will do next. otak die sgt gile! penah skali tu die nk kejut aku bgn tido punye pasal, die letak kucing kesayangan die tu kat muke aku, and biarkan kucing tu jilat2 muke aku... nasib baik kucing bela, kalo kucing terbiar x ke termuntah kne jilat2 cmtu. mmg x jd smbung tido blk ar muke dah kene jilat ng si Puteh tu... mcm2 lg crazy things yg penah die buat act. bukan tu je... tp die ni sgt2 manja...always want to be pampered all the time.
nak buat macam mane, baik buruk pon BF aku jugak.

19) Have you ever had a crush on me?
~ duhhh...lagi mau tanya ke??

20) What's on thing you've always wanted to say to me, but never did?
~ "kalo i jadi u, u dah la anak bongsu kan. abang and kakak dah x dok ng mak lagi kan. i abeskan je sume dwet mak berkepuk2 dlm bank tu..." hahahaha...jahat x aku ni... but i never say that to him. he really loves him mom as he only have mom in his life. no more dad.

21)If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?
~ i wont change anything coz i love u the way u are. they way u are when u with me.

22) If we could spend a day together, what would we do?
~ i wanna go for a sunset cruise with a sail-boat. just you n me...

23) Give me a nick name.
~ Bie, BUBU @ maybe BOOBOO... hehehe...

24) Why'd you pick it?
~ ade la sbb die.... =)

25)What makes me happy?
~ me!!!

26) What makes me sad?
~ me too... :(

27) Do you think our friendship is getting stronger or weaker?
~ of coz its getting stronger n stronger day by day...

28) If you could give me anything, what would it be?
~ my heart n my soul sayang... LOVE!

29) What reminds u of me?
~ ur hugs, kisses, n ur smell...

30) What songs reminds u of me?
~ i dont wanna miss a thing...


August 26, 2008

.PS I LOVE U review.

hahaha..boley x..baru arini aku nk tgk cite ni..

setelah berkurun2 cite ni ade dlm my lappy, arini baru ade mase nk tgk..

hahaha..mira mira...

kinda interesting gak la cite nih...

and it was really sad at the beginning! damn sad!

the review!!!

  • Gerry was so sweet as he done so many things to her wife, Holly.

  • he arrange to delivered to her after his death

  • help the wife organize the apartment

  • delivere a cake when the wife's bday

  • each new msg fills her with encouragement

  • and send her to a new adventure

  • arrange a holiday for her wife

  • and many more...

i wish that i'll find a sweet guy like Gerry but dont want him to die like Gerry. there was a happy ending...Holly reunites with William. Luckily not with Daniel. really shocked when Holly kissed Daniel at the yankee's stadium but then they end up as a friend. weird bitter friend. hahahaha...=)


August 23, 2008


"The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.
The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference.
The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference.
And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference."

August 22, 2008


Its been 2 or 3 months i didnt meet my Lovely Tunics.
We rarely see each other.
Everybody are really busy with our busy schedule.
Miss them mucho!!!
Kinda miss them since i was chatting with Te & Tiqah just now.
They're the real friends...still standing till now...
From friends, we become enemies then way back they are my bestest friends ever...
I just want to let you all know that you are my bestest friend ever!
Friends from high school till now.
8 years of friendship and still counting. yeah, still counting.
I won't stop counting my dear.
They always be there for me, for each other i mean. Never fails if something needed.

They are the crime partner, the bed partner, the sister, the advisor, the crazy ones, the gossip partner, the kutuk2 partner, the shopping partner, the chatting partner, n so on. They know who they are.

  • Tiqah
  • Te
  • Ja
  • Ayen
  • Roza
  • Dila
  • Ika
  • Ila

They are my Lovely Tunics


August 21, 2008


7 FACTS about me

  • sensitive!!!
  • love to be loved
  • love shopping.
  • suke itam, putih n merah.
  • suke gelak
  • kaki lepak
  • rajin buat assignment kalo last minit...

7 THINGS that I fear

  • Allah The Almighty.
  • Any bad news regarding my loved ones
  • Mati.
  • Accident... Kemalangan jalan raya. Fobia!
  • Kegagalan
  • Been hurt
  • Loosing my loved ones.

7 SONGS for the time being

  • What you got - Colby O'Donis
  • American Boy - Estelle ft. Kanye West
  • Better In Time - Leona Lewis
  • The Way I Are - Timbaland & Keri Hilson
  • Love Song - Sara Bareilles
  • Realize - Colbie Caillat
  • I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

7 WORDS that I frequently said

  • K
  • Shit
  • Babi sgt!
  • Wuteva
  • biaa ar...
  • eeeiiiuuuu....
  • Alalala...

7 THINGS that are valuable to me

  • Myself
  • My family
  • My BF
  • Besties / Luvly Tunics
  • The i-pod nano
  • My Lappy
  • My handphonesss

7 FIRST TIME in my life

  • First celebrities signature I got, from KRU.
  • First accident time umur 5 tahun. Parut ade sampai skng.
  • First handphone I got, Siemens. Model hape tah. When i was in form 2.
  • First boarding school - MRSM PDRM - full of memories!
  • First time kne langgar lari. Last month kne langgar dgn Subaru n kene himpit dgn Evo. My car kemek like hell. Luckily I'm ok. Babi sgt!!
  • First traditional dancing experience during my standard 6
  • First kiss?? ahahahaha.... ade la..




August 20, 2008


sabtu n ahad (16 & 17 August) ade kenduri kawen!!!
both knduri aku la pulak yg kne jd pengapit...
dah orang mintak tlg, tlg je la kan... =)
esok2 turn aku plak mintak tlg org...hehe
ni gmbr ari sabtu...kat rumah kawan BF ku...
aku baru je dua kali jumpe mamat ni..pengantin lelaki ni name die Awal..
tup2 dah die suro jd pengapit bini die since bini die org sabah n x ramai relatives kat semenanjung nih..
aku ok je la...
tp yg kelakarnye, bleh x si Awal ni buat satu dialog.

Awal: B0a, ko bwk pompuan laen ke nih??
BF: mane ade, yang aritu la...

reason die sng je, sbb aku ptg rambut, n die x knal dah...
hahahaha...sounds funny jgk sbb time mule2 smpai tu si Awal ni tny name aku.
aku dah pelik dah sbb xkan la x knal aku...
ampeh punye Awal..
mm...sume nye bejalan lancar je aritu...

Boa, Awal, Rose & Mira

blk je dr kenduri tu, aku tros tetido ha...dlm pkul 5 blk..tido sampai pkul 8 terjage..bgn pon sbb lapa..lapar kan nasi ayam juara soto..hahaha..ask BF pegi beli... tido kat rumah die mlm tu..lmbt pulak die g beli, mak die suh g beli mknn kucing la itu la ini la..mcm2 pulak..tu yg lmbt..hesh...lepas mkn mandi2 rest2 blk..on9 pastu tido..x keluar mane pon dat nite...pelik jugak mlm minggu aku ng BF ku x kuar mane2..

AHAD!!! kat puchong pulak..rumah cousin siBF...hahaha..
dah la bgn lambat, mak siBF plak tu yg kejutkan...=)
penat satu hari!! *sigh*
abes kenduri tu bley plak mak siBf nih ajak g MAHA expo plak..
nk x nk ikot kene ikot je ar..
pastu tros diorg anta aku blk bangi...
tetido kepenatan!



start blogging again!!!

its been a long time!! yeah really long time...
setelah beberapa lame x update, sebabnye mls yg teramat sgt...
ade je mcm2 cerite, tp tu la nye psl...
so, hopefully la dis new 'azam' konon2 aku rajin sket tulis blog nih..=)