August 26, 2008

.PS I LOVE U review.

hahaha..boley x..baru arini aku nk tgk cite ni..

setelah berkurun2 cite ni ade dlm my lappy, arini baru ade mase nk tgk..

hahaha..mira mira...

kinda interesting gak la cite nih...

and it was really sad at the beginning! damn sad!

the review!!!

  • Gerry was so sweet as he done so many things to her wife, Holly.

  • he arrange to delivered to her after his death

  • help the wife organize the apartment

  • delivere a cake when the wife's bday

  • each new msg fills her with encouragement

  • and send her to a new adventure

  • arrange a holiday for her wife

  • and many more...

i wish that i'll find a sweet guy like Gerry but dont want him to die like Gerry. there was a happy ending...Holly reunites with William. Luckily not with Daniel. really shocked when Holly kissed Daniel at the yankee's stadium but then they end up as a friend. weird bitter friend. hahahaha...=)


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