September 13, 2008

weekend lagi...

my plan for this weekend:

  • finish up the lab reports... 4 experiments ok!! need to be submit on next Friday.but i plan to finish it earlier bcoz i got 2 mid sem exam next week. so i got more time to study...hopefully!
  • study!!! ATOMIC PHYSICS n RADIOEKOLOGI r waiting for u gurl.

but i dont think its gonna work... hahahaha... semua itu kurang menarik minat saya!!!!

on9, blogging, watching movies, hang out with BF, n etc. are more interesting.

for 2 days for weekend is not enuf... need 20 days for weekend every weeks!! hahaha...

how come it wanna be like that ppl???

i dun hv enuf time to study, to on9, to hang out with BF!!!!

not enuf not enuf not enuf!!!

inilah mira yg tamak...

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