July 29, 2010


busy memikirkan target baru. perasaan bercampur baur (",). bercampur baur ok...tak bole blaaaah betol. terima kasih wahai dear boss kerana memberikan target itu. :(

tapi rasanya bukan la busy sangat pon. just malas & macam buat2 banyak kerja. plus mood pon macam up and down. i need a retail therapy plsssss.... yes yes! i mean it... anyone wanna join me???

sometimes, people hard to accept imperfect side of her/his partner. but at least, give and show ur support instead of being upset and pointing finger here and there. T_T

we are normal human being ok. nobody is perfect. what do you expect??? a perfect me???

tiba-tiba kat hujung entry macam emo sikit kan... apahal? belasah la...

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